Our Vision: Anchored on the principles of social and gender justice and a society free from want, fear and discrimination, the foundation facilitates social transformation of the northeastern region of India through people’s active involvement and enables cohesiveness, dynamism, ingenuity and creativity of communities.

Our Mission:

  • Invest in support and promote the region’s abundant human, natural, cultural and creative resources including conservation and promotion of environment and biodiversity
  • Enable communities of the region to be owners of the development processes
  • Promote peace building and rights based approaches and gender equality and social justice

Channelizing the youth energies and potentials through innovation and creative activities to bring about constructive social transformation

The premise for FST as an indigenous philanthropy organisation is based on certain issues. Some of these are:

  • A large majority of people are economically, geographically and socially disadvantaged.
  • The rich biodiversity is threatened and so is the livelihood and cultural identity of people dependant on it. Growing horizontal and vertical disparities over the years have exacerbated conflicts and further fuelled prolong socio-political unrest.
  • The region is presently going through a host of issues such as ethnic conflict, problems of livelihood, survival, and access to and control over scarce resources, to identity politics of power sharing, inter-ethnic, communal and separatist conflicts.
  • These issues also provide sound rationale for sustained intensive social activism; and pose major challenges to civil society organizations working at the grassroots level on issues of social justice, equality and community mobilization.

FST as a community foundation want to nurture and strengthen forward-looking civil society initiatives at the grass roots through philanthropic support. It is difficult for the national and global aid systems to reach out to these promising yet often nimble initiatives in the region. It is this ground reality and the long perceived need for a community based indigenous philanthropic organization in India’s NER that inspired the founding of the FST