Thematic Area – Community Development

Conict management through theatre techniques –  FST worked with Ms. Radhika Goswami, a young theatre enthusiast on how to use performing arts like theatre in conict management. The effort aimed at enabling children in conict zones to understand and analyse external as well as internal conicts, from different perspectives through the use of theatre techniques (mainly community theatre) and to creatively use cultural means to transform the conict and mitigate violence.


  • She has successfully developed a life skills module on ‘Transformation of Conict through the use of Theatre Techniques’. She worked with 55 young adolescents from 3 different schools in Guwahati, Radhika attempted to help the children to understand and analyse external and internal conicts. Environment and Community Philantrophy : Community development changemakers – In keeping with our thematic area of youth development and at the same time aligning with our thematic area of natural resources and linked livelihoods and its connection with community development, we undertook  pilot fellowship program with support from Global Fund for Community Foundations (GFCF). We adopted the community philanthropy’ approach and supported the work of 2 young change makers in Assam working on environment related issues.

Parixit Kaey worked on ‘Community Fodder Cultivation for Elephants’ in Sonitpur district. His efforts were directed at promoting community restoration of elephant habitat, reducing human elephant conict while involving the community in building ownership and responsibility on conservation.


  • He initiated the setting up of elephant corridors at 5 locations in Rangagora, Dikal, Hati-depot, Thandapani and Sialmari.
  • He held public awareness programs on fodder cultivation in 10 affected villages in the area.

Tirtha Prasad Saikia worked on ‘Community based climate change adaptation and environmental sustainability through community philanthropy’ in Boraikhowa village of Golaghat district. Tirtha Prasad organised and set up community based organisations – Duryug Bebosthapana Samitis (Disaster Management Committees) in 2 villages and built their capacities.


  • He raised awareness about planting trees for environmental sustainability, involving 150 children and community members in a tree plantation drive in school compounds, residential areas and public places of the area. 35 community members were given inputs on organic farming as a livelihood option.
  • A community based indigenous seed bank was set up to
    conserve seeds of traditional local plants. The community undertook disaster preparedness interventions. Additionally he raised awareness on Water Sanitation and Health (WASH), early harvesting of crops, improved livelihood options.