With the untiring efforts of FST team with special mention of Farmer Samir Bordoloi who trained the village folks of Jhanjhimukh found different forms of farming techniques the community is now taking a lead in the development practices. As the farmers got trained by industry experts, steadily they are passing on their knowledge to the fellow farmers for development.

The strength of a community is marked by the cooperation of each individual. Such a vivid example is set by the people of Jhanjhimukh.
In pictures

Bogi Kalita

Bogi Kalita an enthusiastic women farmer of Bejorsiga Gaon is demonstrating on preparing of raise bed cultivation method through a small model to fellow farmers.

Bhupen Borah

Bhupen Borah another farmer of Chumani Chapori is explaining the women farmers the importance of organic farming and utilizing local resources for adding value to agriculture practice.

Glimpses of a vermi compost bed started by the farmers collective with the assistance of Foundation for Social Transformation (FST).  The entire workforce is contributed by the farmers with an active support and training initiatives regularly by FST on Organic Farming.