KOUSAL: Knowledge on Utilizing Skills and Leadership

Project Area: This project is aimed to work on an urban slum of Guwahati named Bhaskar Nagar

FST is implementing this project with adolescent girl of Bhaskar Nagar on building the capacity of the target group on different life skills so that they can be future leader in their community. Slums are the most vulnerable space in an urban setting, where children and adolescent girls are the most exposed section within slum area. Most of the adolescent girls of Bhaskar Nagar are school dropout and very few who continue school rarely reach college education. Lack of hope and aspirations make them seat at home and look after their siblings instead of working for self and a better future. Early marriage is mostly practice in the area leading to negative impact on health. Besides this, domestic violence and addiction to hazardous substance is also common.

KOUSAL will focus on adolescent girl of 15-21yrs age groups and to build their capacity on different life skills by utilizing non-threatening sports as a medium. Problem of adolescent girl of Bhaskar Nagar slum stated that adolescent girls are lack in different life skills like financial literacy, effective communication skill, knowledge on reproductive health & hygiene and self-defence. Sports is a medium which help individual to build confidence on self, build skills of decision making, reorganization capacity of own weakness & strength, creating & claiming own space within collective etc. So this projects aims to build the capacity of adolescent girl on different life skills by using sports as a medium to bring the girls together and to disseminate the learning session.


  • Capacity building of adolescent girl on different life skills through sports
  • Developing peer leaders from adolescent girl for creating future leader