One of FST’s key focus areas in the region is to promote youth development and social action. FST believes that youth play a critical role in any society’s development and are strong pillars of social change. Young leaders in the region face a host of challenges when working towards bringing a positive change to their community. Lack of resources and mentoring is one of the biggest challenges faced by young Change Makers of the region. As an attempt to bridge this gap, FST has started a leadership development program specially for young Change Makers of the region working or desirous of working on any of the following:

  1. Promoting  active  volunteerism  amongst  youth,  youth  involvement  in  community development areas;
  2. Educating Youth on Gender & Sexuality, especially focusing on gender based violence and the rights of the LGBTIQ community;
  3. Promoting active citizenship, specially youth engagement in democratic governance;
  4. Youth education & engagement in protection of environment and climate change;
  5. Youth engagement in peace-building and conflict resolution through creative mediums.

Photo: Several workshops conducted by FST on gender issues

Pre-selection workshop for selecting the North East Youth Leaders

We were looking for 7 leaders from each of the 7 Sister States of the North East for the FST North East Leadership Development Program for the year 2015-16. In March, we circulated applications through different mediums online and offline. After months of sorting through applications, rating of applications by a Jury, a lot of short-listing, and a 2-day residential pre-selection workshop, we are very pleased to say that we have selected 6 of our leaders for this programme.

The 6 selected North East Youth Leaders with FST team

Bidyut Barua – Arunachal Pradesh

Bidyut’s mission is to conserve the environment and create awareness regarding safekeeping of birds in the forests of Miwo involving local youths as volunteers.

Bhaotina Mushahary – Assam

Bhaotina is from Kokrajhar and her project theme is to educate youths on Gender and Sexuality, Gender-based violence, and to engage them in peace-building and creating creative conflict resolution.

Shiyani Wangpheirakpam – Manipur

Shiyani wants to create awareness on Gender and Sexuality among youths as she believes that since sex education is not taught in schools, it has an adverse effect on the society and creating awareness will help decrease gender based violence

Prosper Marak – Meghalaya

Prosper, from the Garo Hills, is seeking to educate and engage youths in the protection of environment and climate change so as to build a better communal biodiversity.

Lalrawngbawla – Mizoram

Lalrawngbawla’s project is aimed at conservation of Orchids and wildlife that depend on Orchids by educating and engaging youths in the protection of the environment and climate change, and also promote active volunteerism amongst youths in community development.

Vitono Haralu – Nagaland

Vitona plans to engage youth in peace building and conflict resolution through creative mediums; promote active citizenship and youth engagement in governance; educate them on Gender and Sexuality focusing on Gender based violence and the rights of the LGBTQ community; and engage the youths in the protection of the environment.

Before the leaders start their projects, a training on Program Management was conducted for them on the 27th and 28th of July, after which the leaders worked together with FST to create a ripple of change across the North East.