Project Title: Swabalamban (Self Reliant) by Mr. Nani Kumar Saikia, Social Action for Appropriate Transformation & Advancement in Rural Areas. (SATRA), Sipajhar

Project Brief: The project Swabalamban is a project on women empowerment through sustainable livelihood supported by FST, Guwahati and implementing by SATRA.

Mulberry silk worm rearing and weaving is a traditional activity for the women in Sipajhar area. It was observed in the late nineties that the activity declined because of less profit so SATRA intervened in the year 2005-06, as a result now women are again coming back to the activity as they are getting better profit margin. The project Swabalamban (Self Reliant) proposed to attract more women to take up the activity and for sustainability of the activity, value addition to the product by degumming, natural dye and weaving to generate more income for the rural poor people. The planned activities of the project are –

  1. To bring professionalism on weaving activities developing skill, this will lead to women empowerment.
  2. Marketing is often a challenge for the rural women and therefore this intervention would ensure market linkage
  3. Motivation to take up silk worm rearing and weaving which has tremendous scope of developing socio-economic condition in rural areas.

Goals and Objectives of the project:

  • To promote Sipajhar a natural dyed silk hub produced by Women of the area.
  • To protect the activity by bringing professionalism
  • To increase income of rural women to address gender discrepancy.
  • To attract new generations to do the activities for creating self-employment
  • To encourage youths to involved with the sectors starting some business related with the activities like make looms locally and market of the products outside the areas, so that it become a family business in the areas.

Recent Development till date:

  • Weavers become interested for improving their pat silk yarn through the process of degumming as well as natural dye.
  • 68 weavers mentally prepared to make cloth on commercial basis regularly and started producing cloth as per rate finalized by SATRA and weavers.
  • Buyers like grameen sahara , RGVN and few individuals linkage with us for product marketing
  • IIE officials visit us to see the activities and further support
  • Gradually weavers are mentally prepared for commercialization of the activities, so that they are taking care of their products like measurement and wrapping.