Training on Milky Mushroom Cultivation and Mushroom Processing in Mahur

Mushroom cultivation has really proven to be a bonus for the women of Mahur who earlier had to resort to wild mushrooms, painstakingly collected from the forest.

FST organized this training to introduce a new kind of mushroom to the women, the Milky Mushroom, which is very popular for its taste and will be a lucrative crop. The Resource Person accompanying the FST team gave clear demonstrations on the process of cultivating this breed of mushrooms. A presentation was screened followed by hands-on display of the mushroom variety. The participants learnt how to clean and soak the mushroom in vinegar before it could be processed into pickles. The step by step procedure of making Milky Mushroom pickles was also shown and the women quickly learned the process.

During the day the women shared many stories of how they were producing Oyster mushrooms and selling it in Haflong, which is the nearest town, at a good price.