The project Swabalamban is a project on women empowerment through sustainable livelihood supported by FST, Guwahati and implementing by SATRA. Mulberry silk worm rearing and weaving is a traditional activity for the women in Sipajhar area. It was observed in the late nineties that the activity declined because of less profit so SATRA intervened in the year 2005-06, as a result now women are again coming back to the activity as they are getting better profit margin. The project Swabalamban (Self Reliant) proposed to attract more women to take up the activity and for sustainability of the activity, value addition to the product by de-gumming, natural dye and weaving to generate more income for the rural poor people.

Here are some of the recent development activities monitored by team FST where we can see active involvement of women weavers in the process of making traditional garments.