Akhu a project, “A native Tongue called Peace” in Manipur. Using music as a tool for therapy, works with the orphan and abandoned children in Manipur. Using alrernative methods like music, this is a project with children to promote peace and harmony between the ethnic tribes/communities of Manipur. This project was initiated in May 2015 with 60 orphan and HIV/AIDS affected children living at the Carmel Jyoti Children Home, Imphal. Using music as a therapeutic tool, this project will bring emotional healing for children who have seen a lot of violence and trauma. Akhu (a grassroot musician) and his team will be providing music lessons to these children. The project will help them channel their inner feelings and provide a creative outlet to release the trauma through music. Music, being the universal language of love, will bring these kids together on a common platform. These kids belong to different castes, tribes and religion, but are bound by a common thread of having lost everything to conflict. Along with enhancing their creativity, this project will provide a channel for the kids to deal with their loss and will promote unity and communal harmony among the kids. At the end of a yearlong journey they will record and release four songs written, composed and performed by these kids. Sharing the songs that they compose will take this message of unity to the larger community. Till date three songs have been recorded and the fourth one is in under the recording process. A noteworthy achievement of the project has been that these children have shown positive developments both mentally and physically. Besides this, another orphanage has shown interest in being part of a similar project, which they had earlier rejected. Friends and community members have come forward in support of the project and the children in whatever small way possible. Funds for his project has been raised through various sources which include UNDP, Tarshi, Global Giving, Letz Change, Letz Dream Foundation, a musical concert in Delhi by Akhu himself, fundraising event at Terra Mayaa and donations in cash and kind from various individuals. Technically the project has come to an end in October 2015, however Akhu along with his team members and friends are continuing the project.