Message from Executive Director

Working with Foundation for Social Transformation – enabling North East India (FST) has been a rewarding experience because we create opportunities of work at the grassroots level with new developmental approaches and meeting individuals who have been enabling with the communities to improve their lives. These experiences enriched FST in developing the five-year Strategic Plan (SP).

With the completion of SP, FST has now identified four thematic issues, strategic project participants, vision of success and strategies. It was developed with the active participation of the members of FST and staff. FST is indebted to Dr. Anuradha Prasad who facilitated the process and lead us towards internalising the theory of change that is relevant for our work. We have been investing so that women are recognised as farmers, custodian of natural resources and breaking the patriarchal development process. We also cannot deny how the “system” has been used to inflict sufferings in the lives of families especially on women and children. Our studies report Brutal Past, Shattered Dreams, the stories of violation of rights, trauma, loss of life and livelihoods of families due to conflict and armed movements.
I am indebted to our donors, partners and co-travellers for believing in FST and bestowing their trust upon us. My heartfelt gratitude to my team members who are a bunch of passionate souls, brightening up the organisation every day.

Roshmi Goswami is currently serving as the chairperson at Foundation for Social Transformation: enabling north east india (FST). She is a founder member of North East Network, a women's rights organisation. She was Program Officer with the Ford Foundation in New Delhi for several years, programming on women’s rights, before moving on to work with UN Women in New York. She is well known for her pioneering work with the women in conflict affected regions of India, including documenting and analyzing the impact of war and conflict on the lives of women.

Paradigm of change, driving the change

Foundation for Social Transformation - enabling north east india (FST) is an indigenous philanthropic organization that transforms lives by creating cadres of agents of change in marginalised rural and urban communities, establishing a culture of community giving for social justice and building a strong network of grassroots groups in NE India.

Our Vision:

FST’s vision is to make North-East India communities free from fear, discriminations and violence. Its vision is anchored on the aspirations of the people of the North East and their active participation in the social transformation process.

Our Mission

  • Invest in, support and promote the region’s diverse communities, abundant environment & natural resources, cultural & creative knowledge, and practices.

  • Enable communities of the region to chart their own visions and strategies, and be owners of the development processes.

  • Promote and support peace-building and rights-based approaches and gender equality and social justice.

  • Channelize the energy, and imagination of the youth for positive social transformation through innovation and creativity activities.

Our Thematic Areas

While the broad thematic areas were identified during the environment scan, the group made an attempt to sketch the organizations core thematic area in details through presentation/ group discussion and short listing of issues that FST should work on. FST has decided to work on the following strategic themes.
Rural & Informal Economy - The focus of the theme will be on accessing information, resources and social space where sufficient skills and opportunities are provided to strengthen the economy.
Protection of Environment and Natural Resources - Focus of the theme is to conserve, promote and sensitize the traditional sustainable agro-practices, clean energy and its linkage with the market
Gender & Patriarchy - Focus of the theme will challenge patriarchy, bring in and establish women’s transformative leadership by enabling women’s access to and by promoting gender inclusive spaces in different structures and processes.
Marginalized Groups - Focus of the theme is to support and encourage the capacities of marginalized groups by enabling their access to livelihood opportunities, schemes and extending solidarity to social justice matters

Highlights of our activities and events

FST started an initiative for discussing on selected issues with students, youth leaders, academicians, professionals and influencers.
"Loss of Objectivity of Social Media- A Millennial Concern" talked on how social media is used to spread.
"Living with dignity" had an in-depth conversation on the justice phase.
“Skyscrapers the mall culture and a smart city” discussed on the current urban scenario of the city.
“Workplace Harassment of Women” presented scenarios prevailing in the organizational framework.
“Emergence of Organic Essentials as a Boon towards Wellness” discussed the various aspects of organic framing and its prospects.

Our Reach

Assam- 19 Districts - 38 Villages - 1500 Project Participants

Arunachal Pradesh- 1 Villages - 10 Project participants

Manipur- 3 Districts - 17 Villages - 100 Project Participants

Mizoram- 19 Municipal Wards

Meghalaya- 2 Villages - 160 Project Participants

Nagaland- 1 Districts - 2 Villages - 20 Projects Participants

Our Donors - Our catalysts of change

Total Grants – 120, Individual – 86, Organisation –34

Mr. Ghanashyam Baruah
Mr. Baidya Nath Jha
Manoj Kumar Talukdar
Garima Kalita
Shankar Prasad Konwar
Purandar Bhaduri
Sriparna Bondyopadhay
Pinaki Mitra
Shreemayee Bora
Gurinder Kaur
Pradip Phukan
Bichitra Kumar Baro
K.V. Holidays
Jonali Saikia
Prakash R. Koteeha
Sudip Talukdar
Arun Ch. Borsaikia
Amit Kumar
Parimal Borkakoty
Dr. Roshmi Goswami

Tora Mahanta
Gautam Mazumdar
Geeta Dey
Debashis Baruah
Vijay Modi
Basanta Ranjan Baruah
Shivani Ispat & Rolling Mill Pvt. Ltd.
Kalpesh Kapoor
Gilbert Nongkynhih
Bharat Chandra Deka
Cathleen R. Renee
Abinoam Panu Rong
Kimjaney Singson
Binod Kr. Poddar
Kimjaney Singson
Manoj Kr. Mishra
Reema Das
Ashish Anand
Pranjit Handique

Biswajit Chakraborty
Ankita Chakravorty
Kulesh Goswami
Tapanjyoti Dutta
Dr. Rupjyoti Dutta
Manoj Kumar Talukdar
Manjula Bordoloi
Pradip Phookan
Shanti Lal Bothra
Damodar Prasad Bajaj
Ranjeet Das
Genesis Printers & Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Mahesh Siotia
Arunabha Bhuyan
Mrigendra Kumar Deka
Sandip Bordoloi
Leena Doley
Debabrata Kakati
Arun Ch. Borsaikia

Organization Donors