The Project “Aowli” is based on Mokokchung district of Nagaland. The idea behind this project is to break the patriarchal norms by making them self- sufficient through farming activities and asserting participation in the women-only market managed by the women of the tribe leading to their economic independence. The women are engaged in poultry rearing and vegetable cultivation. This year the total lockdown in the villages have affected the market and the income of the people. The vegetables grown were consumed by themselves and some of the saplings also got damaged due to off-season rain. Some highlights of the project are:

  • 200 women from 4 villages are engaged in this project, they were engaged in poultry rearing and vegetable cultivation
  • Traditional farming methods, land use, use of bio fertilizers and natural manure, mixed cropping are some methods adopted by the farmers
  • The lockdown has affected the market this year and initially vegetables were consumed by themselves. There was some wastage as well. However, later on some arrangements were made by Watsu Mungdang to collect and buy the vegetables at the village gate.
  • During the lockdown, women from the project villages were involved in making face masks and its distribution

Recent Developments:

The women in Mukokchong area are mostly engaged in poultry rearing and vegetable cultivation.
Recently members of Aowli successfully distributed poultry items, feeds and medicine supplies to 50 beneficiaries in 7 Villages on 20th Oct 2021.