Jhanjimukh located in Jorhat district is a village area adjacent to the bank of the river Brahmaputra. The population of this area is dependent on livestock rearing and agriculture for their livelihood. As the local economy of Jhanjimukh is dependent on livestock rearing, it is important to look at the issues attached to it for further intervention. The initial community meetings suggested that during and after flood, animals get affected with unrecognized diseases. Affected animals died within one day and the villagers do not have an access to veterinary hospital for their treatment

Goal: Developing an effective practice of livestock management in community level for sustainable livelihood of the livestock rearing community.

Objective 1: Skill development on livestock management of the community.

This objective is aimed to fulfil the need of intervention in livestock management; as the identified problem stated that during and after flood the animal affected by unrecognized diseases. It aims at skill development on livestock management of selected livestock rearers, so that the community can deal with the issues related to livestock management by own.

Objective 2: Strengthening the governance structure and capacity building of CBO Janajagaran Manch, Jhanjimukh.

This objective is aimed to strengthening the governance structure and build the capacity of the CBO to deal with their development issues by own.

Recent Developments:

With the active involvement of the local residents of Jhanjhimukh along with practical training sessions by the industry experts the remote village is now growing in manifolds. In this process a vermi compost bed started by the farmers collective with the assistance of FST. The entire workforce is contributed by the farmers with an active support and training initiatives regularly by FST on Organic Farming. Moreover regular sessions on Livestock Management and Primary Health Care at Chumani Chapori Gaon, Japon Gaon, Kaman Gaon of Jhanjhimukh were successfully concluded with an aim to provide knowledge on better practice of Livestock rearing at community level. The training sessions were facilitated by Dr. Prabin Kumar Neog, Block Veterinary Officer, Animal Husbandary & Veterinary Department, Jorhat.

Here are some archives from the sessions