On 31st August 2018, FST successfully organised dissemination cum consultation on Urban Governance: A Case study of Shillong and Guwahati at Hotel Blue Moon, Guwahati. A total of 37 participants from diverse backgrounds such as Law, Street Vender Association, Academicians, Civil Society became a part of the consultation.

           From left : Kashi Nath Hazarika (Board Member, FST), Ritupon Gogoi (Executive Director, FST) and Dr Abhijit Sarma, Director of Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship


The consultation was able to deliver the emergence of urbanization in Northeast India and the gathering of valuable information that is inherent in the urbanization process such as decentralization of power/roles/services in different segments of the governance system. Engagement of expertise from backgrounds such as Law and urban practitioners helped us to connect the dots and gave a clear perception about it and at the same time managed to introspect the methods as well as medium to outline a constructive model out of it.

The panellist of the consultation was Dr Abhijit Sarma, Director of Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship; Mrinal Gohain, Regional Head (North east) of Action Aid; Ritupon Gogoi, Executive Director of Foundation for Social Transformation (FST).

Ritupon Gogoi, expressed the objective of the consultation by bringing in participants from diverse backgrounds to grab a better understanding as well as the probability of collaborative practices in urban development. Urbanization which is growing rapidly in North east India, needs grave attention from public, academicians, researchers, lawmakers, civic bodies etc.

                                                      Devangana Aideo – Program Officer, FST delivering the onset of the consultation meet

                                                                   Participants from various organisation, institutions and social groups

                                                                                A Snapshot from the Question and Answer Session

                                  Our esteem panelist Mr. Mrinal Gohain, Regional Head (North east) of Action Aid delivering his speech

                                                                                           A snapshot from the consultation event

The research work undertaken by FST on Urban Governance: A comparative case study of Guwahati and Shillong was presented by Devangana Aideo. A brief analysis, findings of the study was put forward to aware the participants about the working pattern of urban governance in both the cities and its service delivery of water, sanitation, solid waste management, electricity etc.

Dr Abhijit Sarma shared insights on the ongoing structural frameworks of the urban governance in both the cities of Guwahati and Shillong in particular and Northeast in general; and also gave a brief detail on the urban planning and its relevance. Mrinal Gohain, shared the aspects of civic participation in the emerging urgency of urban development in the area. The discussion was fairly on the growing need of active participation and in understanding the complexity of urban development such as slums; street vending etc that will further help us in contributing to Sustainable Development Goal as well as to New Urban Agenda.