Project on “Revival of an unique folk culture – Byash Ojah”.

The possible impact of the project – The thorough study will increase the knowledge about the culture which can help in find out the new ideas to make the culture revive in this fastest growing materialistic world creating a beauty and greater contribution towards the Indian heretical rich culture. The project is going to have an impact on the society to increase the interest of people to perform and practice the culture.

Teaching the culture to youth with a workshop is going to have activity based learning and as activity based learning can teach people very easily so the planned workshop will be fruitful to find out some performer which can take the culture as their way of living and give the culture a long life.

The popularity is very important for a culture to survive in this materialistic world and for that the documentaries will perform a vital role. The display of the documentaries to this world through the digital platforms like social media, electronic media etc. will create people aware for the culture and they will become interested towards the culture. It will also help to preserve the culture up to an infinite time. The remake of the song with some modern touch without changing the originality of the songs or without deforming the folk trends will make the culture as popular as any other performing arts.

Here begins an on-shoot documentary as a part of our project REVIVAL OF A UNIQUE FOLK CULTURE “BYASH OJAH” by NFI FST Peace Awardee Rumpamjyoti Saikia.

In India, Assam has identified itself with a distinctive cultural heritage and traditions. The culture of Assam is often referred to as hybrid culture. It has been developed as a mixing pot where rituals, customs, heritage, lifestyle, faith and beliefs of various people are assimilated. Out of the diverse traditional cultures, Ojapali is one of the oldest performing arts.
Folk tradition Ojapali is a performing art and the main aspect is performance of narrative poetry through song, music, dance and semi acting that includes all the four forms of art. Generally performed by a group of five to six men, the lead artists is known as ‘Oja’ and he is accompanied by assistant artists known as ‘Palis’.
The goal of the project is to increase the awareness among youth about the Byash Ojah culture. India has more youth than any other country has in this world. The generation which enjoys their work by making everything interesting, the generation which is faster in adaption of any changes to the environment, the generation which is really super innovative, the generation which learns anything they want, that generation can do anything with this unique culture. They even can make this generation a source of living and make it so interesting that no one from this universe could ignore the form, the enjoyment possesses by “Byash Ojah”. For that the young generation must be aware of the possibility of this unique culture. This project is to create the awareness and letting the young generation know about all the opportunity.