NFI FST Peace Awardee for the year 2018-2019, Shafiul Hassan took up the project titled “Jagoran” -A Better Environment for Women.

The main objective of the project is to reach an awareness amongst the minority communities of char areas of Barpeta, on the social issues and stigmas around women of the area. The target group for the project are : Minority Bengali Muslim, Girls and Women


The projected outcomes to be achieved at the end of the project period are as follows:

  1. To mobilize approximately 200 families in Kharballi Village
  2. To create awareness on social issues among 300 people from Kharballi, Shutirpather and Dewkmary Village.
  3. To create 5 Community Development Groups, which will also include women.
  4. To create 5 Community Leaders including women.



Results achieved so far: 

  • A meeting concluded with ASHA, AWC,SHG workers in the village to understand the current situation of Child Marriage, Dowry and prevalent myths and superstitions
  • Meeting with Individual and Community leaders completed
  • Formed 5 Community Development Groups( CDG) and identified 5 CDG leaders
  • Workshop for CDG members on child marriage conducted
  • Developed 3 case studies