Project Title: Proposal for the documentation on PTSD Symptoms and understand Traumatic Stress of conflict survivors by Bondita Acharya

Medical and psychological support is important before and after traumatic experiences to prevent from post-traumatic disorders in their emotional and psycho social state.  But narrated experiences shows that there is a huge gap that exists for the psycho social supports needed for a person who has gone through such trauma and carry the burden of symptoms related to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD} for long. Women survivors of violence, especially rape survivors, women, children and immediate family members affected by conflict need medical and psychological support after the traumatic event happened in their lives. Similarly, HRDs, WHRDs, and activists those who work on human rights do not have the experience and knowledge on how to deal with the victim with PTSD symptoms. At the same time they often go through same traumatic experience while dealing with different cases. So, post trauma counseling, self-care are equally important for the survivors, family members, WHRDs and HRDs.

Objectives of the project:

  • To identify people affected by conflict and needing psycho-social support, groups, WHRDs, HRDs, women activists who work with the conflict survivors and families
  • To create awareness on psychological support, trauma counseling, wellbeing and self-care.
  • To documents 250 cases of PTSD in Upper Assam and BTC areas of Assam.
  • To publish findings of the documentation as a report

Activities planned by far:

Documentation of cases in Upper Assam and BTAD is planned in the next quarter i.e. from November 2017 to January 2018.