Dharamjeet Kumar

Project on a “Five months sanitation campaign in Kulamua village in Majuli to bring behavioral change in sanitation and hygiene”.Kulamua is one of the flood affected village of Majuli. Cleanliness in the village is a major problem. Almost the entire village practices open defecation where there is just one toilet in the village. There is no general demand for toilets. Keeping aside the very poor households, even people who can easily afford building a toilet still prefer going out for defecation. The government scheme to support construction of toilets is largely remaining unused by the community for not being demanded.  This project intends to raise the awareness about the sanitation, hygiene and the need of toilets there on assisting them on the way to solve the issues associated with them.

Objectives of the project:

  1. To prompt a mass dialogue on the need of toilets in the villages
  2. To develop young school going students as crusaders for cleanliness in the villages
  3. To generate awareness about availing government schemes in line with sanitation
  4. To form community level cadres to look after sanitation situation in the villages

Recent developments of the project till date

  • One day workshop for SHGs – Roles for SHGs in promoting cleanliness and construction of toilets in the villages
  • Two community meetings in the Kulamua village to discuss the progress of the project and way forward
  • Poster designing in Kulamua village
  • One day poster campaign in the Kulamua village on sanitation

T Aosenla Jamir : Project on Promotion of Organic Bed Raised farming and strengthening of Self Help Groups and Village Level Organisations for sustainability in Dimapur, Nagaland. The project will focus on strengthening of existing SHGs and facilitating growth of more SHGs, Strengthening organizational management among the weak SHGs and VLOs, and also generating sources of income through Raised bed farming.



Goals and Objectives of the project

  • Community Mobilization through awareness Programme for strengthening weak SHGs
  • Empowerment of SHGs
  • Empowering local communities with cost effective livelihood option

Recent developments of the project till date

  • Master training on Bed raised organic farming
  • Follow up of 50 SHGs members meeting and handholding support to 1 VLOs
  • Coordinating for organizing training on Bed raised farming
  • Training on Bed raised farming in Darokajan for 10 members with demo farming
  • Training on Bed raise farming in Padumpukhuri for 10 members with demo farming
  • Raised Bed Training and Demonstration in Sangwa Organic farm and Farm Learning Centre on 20th Dec 2017 for SHG members of Padumpukhuri and Darokajan Village


Sonia Nepram : As a part of FST’s Youth Leadership Development Program Sonia Nepram hailing from Manipur is working on the project titled “Kwatha Calling- A Documentary”. Kwatha, a village in Manipur located in Tengnoupal of Chandel District that shares an international border with Burma that is approximately 18km away. Kwatha village has huge potential for eco-tourism and abundance of natural resources. The kwatha villagers have to walk 10km to reach the AH1 Asian Highway. The lack of transport has added more problems to the villagers.Eventually, people came to know about the beautiful place of Kwatha. In October 2016, youth from the urban Imphal organized a festival in Kwatha to promote eco-tourism .The people were selling handmade bamboo products, indigenous brew, vegetables etc.

The objectives of the project are:

  1. To highlight the issues and challenges of the remote village of Kwatha
  2. To bring in expertise from various fields for the development of village
  3. To make an exploratory documentary on the kwatha community.
  4. To do two screening of the film in front of various organizations working on social issues in Manipur.
  5. Another two screenings in two department of Manipur University

This project includes three phases and each phase is interconnected and flexible in nature. Also back and forth strategies will be adopted where more than one activity will be conducted at any given period of time. The phases are as follows:

Phase 1:  Pre-Production- It’s the research process where the team will spend minimum 3 weeks in Kwatha village and work on the rapport building with the community.

Phase 2:  Production- This phase will use the tool of participatory filmmaking where two youth from the community will be involved in the production process of the film.

Phase 3: Post Production: This phase will include editing of the footages shot

Phase 4: The final product i.e. the documentary will be ready will be screened.

Recent developments of the project till date

  • The film team shooting with two local youth from the Kwatha village.
  • More in-depth study of the issues and challenges of the village while bearing in mind our stated objectives
  • The film team started the editing of the rough cut.
  • The film team starts reaching out to personalities and organizations.

Tage OniaAs a part of FST’s Youth Leadership Development Program Tage Onia hailing from Arunachal Pradesh is working on the project titled “Skill development training for youths in Ziro Valley of Arunachal Pradesh”.

The objectives of the project can be stated as under

  • Mobilisation of youth from 8 villages in Ziro valley of Arunachal Pradesh for skill development
  • Building capacity of 24 selected youth from 8 villages on entrepreneurial and marketing skills

Achievements of Onia Tage till date:

  • Onia Tage along with her team of 10 young girls from the remote land of Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh, India is a part of this training.
  • The training activities include learning the nuances of the craft, preparing sellable garments and refining artwork on cloths.
  • This training is under the Self Employed Tailor (SET) scheme, sponsored by Ministry of Development of Northeastern Region and Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship and organised by the Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship, Guwahati, Assam, India.
  • The aim of this training is to strengthen these young women to become future entrepreneurs and be owners of their own development processes.
  • Onia Tage held an awareness program on Skill Development training at Ziro Valley of Arunachal Pradesh. The participants for the training came from the Hija, Hong and Hari villages situated at the Ziro Valley. The idea behind this program was to generate awareness on various government schemes on skill development.
  • Recent monitoring visit in the month of January by FST staff to Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh