Foundation for Social Transformation

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Our Vision

Entrenched in the principles of social and gender justice, FST’s vision is to enable communities in North East India to be free from fear, discriminations and violence. FST’s vision is anchored on the aspirations of the people of the North East region and in their active participation in the social transformation process.

Vision of Success (VOS) of FST

FST is an indigenous philanthropic organization that transforms lives by creating cadres of change agents in marginalized rural and urban communities, establishing a culture of community giving for social justice and building a strong network of grass-root groups in NE India.

Our Mission

  • Invest in, support and promote the region’s diverse communities, abundant environment and natural resources and cultural and creative knowledge and practices.
  • Enable communities of the region to chart their own visions and strategies, and be owners of the development processes.
  • Promote and support peace-building and rights-based approaches and gender equality and social justice.
  • Channelize the energy, and imagination of the youth for positive social transformation through innovation and creativity activities.