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Gender & Patriarchy

The focus of the theme Gender and Patriarchy will be to challenge patriarchy, bring in and establish women’s transformative leadership by enabling women’s access to and by promoting gender-inclusive spaces in different structures and processes including in formal and informal decision-making structures, policy, and peace forums. The emphasis would be to:

  • Promote substantive equality at different levels and contexts
  • Promote feminist principles across sectors
  • Address power imbalances, exclusion, and patriarchal controls over resources, markets, livelihoods, environment and decision-making institutions
  • Deepen understanding and advance socio-economic and political rights for women, youth, and marginalized groups, especially indigenous women and women with disabilities through collectivization
  • Promote opportunities for women’s leadership and agency in emerging livelihood options
  • Address gendered dimensions of conflict and ensure women’s participation in peace-building processes at different levels.
  • Foster women’s civic and political engagement at different levels
  • Support advocacy efforts for the implementation of state obligations under national laws and policies and international human rights instruments
  • Have a special focus on adolescent girls while addressing gender and inequalities
  • Work with men on gender imbalances, patriarchy, and masculinities