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Marginalized Groups

The focus of the theme Marginalized Groups will be to support and encourage the capacities of marginalized groups by enabling their access to livelihood opportunities, and schemes and extending solidarity to social justice matters with an emphasis on

  • Encourage the formation of collectives of the marginalized groups
  • Support training and enhancing capacities of members of these groups in

                 -Accessing rights and entitlements
                 -Legal and financial literacy
                 -Reporting and documentation
                 -Sexual health and sexual rights
                 -Gender sensitization
                 -Politics of marginalization and social justice issues

  • Build leadership skills among the group members to better assert and negotiate within their communities and with authorities and institutions
  • Facilitate the establishment of networks with other like-minded groups within the region and beyond (national and international) to gain solidarity and be part of a larger discourse on social justice matters.
  • Promote initiatives from the marginalized groups that seek ethical, locally appropriate, and/or contemporary livelihood opportunities to improve their economic situations
  • Enable access to training programs, government schemes, and programs, financial inclusion, market linkages, etc.